Much ado has been made about "mishandling" of the Koran at Guantanamo Bay. When they heard that a copy had been flushed down the toilet (super-toilet?), radical Muslims rioted in the streets, and attacked foreign aid agencies and UN offices. Later, when the official Pentagon report was issued, admitting to 5 incidents of "mishandling", they rioted again, albeit on a smaller scale.

What were these vile acts, calculated to destroy the morale of the jihadists and make them talk? Well, at one point, a Koran was knocked from its pouch onto a detainee's bed. In another incident, guards searching for contraband felt a pouch containing a Koran. In yet another, a Koran was placed on top of a television set. One guard even sprayed a little water on a Koran! Can you imagine?

These, ladies and gentlemen, are the acts that prompted rioting and looting all over the Arab world.