I'm tired of hearing all this whining about Michael Powell. First of all, he's only the chairman of the commission, the five members of which actually vote on what actions to take. He's not doing any of it alone. He can't.

Second, all the FCC really did under Powell's chairmanship was enforce the rules that have been in place for years. Those huge dollar amounts of fines you keep hearing about in the media are the result of more fines being levied, not bigger fines. And anyway, in the end it's a good thing.

What's that, you say? Here's a libertarian arguing in favor of the FCC? Well, not exactly. Ya see, now all of those who ever thought the government should regulate communications are sitting fat and happy. And quiet. And now all those who ever thought that those words or images were just fine or, more importantly, that it's none of the government's business, are finally getting upset about it! Maybe soon something can be done to get the government out of one more area where it doesn't belong!


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