The Principle of Expanding Culpability

Every time someone gets bell-tower syndrome and picks off college students, or loses it and drowns her children, or commits any other hideous act, apologists and the media, not to mention defense lawyers, love to dredge up that individual's past. They point out molestation by Uncle Jack, or savage beatings at the hands of Cousin Earl, or anything else that may be able to put the blame on someone else. And to be honest, if you molest your son and he grows up and molests other little boys, you do bear some of the blame.

But here's the thing: if you were molested as a kid and you go out and molest someone else's kid, your history doesn't make it any less your fault!

Here's the Principle of Expanding Culpability in a nutshell: There is always enough blame to go around. If I commit a heinous crime, the responsibility is 100% mine, and at the same time could be a little bit my father's fault, if he had abused me, or the LAPD's fault if they wrongfully arrested me 50 times, or anyone else's. But it's still 100% mine.

07 Jan 2005:
As a poster who calls himself Roadkill Coyote put it (much better than I did):

The person who committed the crime, is responsible for the crime.

The person or persons who laid the groundwork for the crime, or made it more likely, are responsible for just that, a seperate, individual wrong that they committed before the fact.

There really are two wrongs here, and its our current, modern, sloppy thinking that tries to roll them in to one negation, if not right.


Of Airports and Committees...

Here in beautiful San Diego County, there's a committee of 32 people being paid to study the issue of where to put a new airport, which will be needed by 2012. After millions of dollars spent to "study" where to put it, they narrowed the search down to nine sites. Problem is, five of them are on military bases!

To be fair, one of those is an Air Reserve Base, which could be available, but - - the other sites simply are not available. One is aboard Camp Pendleton, two at Miramar Air Station, and one on North Island Air Station.

Every time someone points out how it's a bad idea to try to put an airport there, they talk about what a great site this one or that one is. Has no-one pointed out yet that they CAN'T put an airport in any of those sites?


The "I Wish I Said It First" Files



Cowboy Style

I have my disagreements with Bush and his administration, but the angrier the self-righteous, more-tolerant-than-thou Europeans get, the more I like the cowboy approach. They've got Porter Goss cleaning house at the CIA, Condoleezza Rice about to clean house at State, and their party cleaning house at the polls.


It seems all is not rosy in socialist eutopia. In a soccer match between Spain and England, Spanish fans shouted monkey noises every time a black English player got near the ball. This was touched off by the Spanish coach's earlier reference to a black player as "black shit."

And in Belgium, the second-largest political party in Flanders has supported denials that the Holocaust ever occurred, and called for the expulsion of all Muslim immigrants from Belgium. It was recently commanded to disband by the Belgian Supreme Court, but its leader has announced his intention to simply change the name of the party and carry on business as usual.

Election Abuse?

All else having failed, it seems the democrats are willing to claim abuse in an atempt to illegitimate the election and their loss.

The "I Wish I Said It First" Files