Kerry's Defense

So Kerry doesn't like what the some of his fellow swift-boat veterans are saying about his service, so the best he can do is point out the source of their funding? If that's the measure of truth, than everything every political ad says is a lie, since it's all funded by partisan sources! (Not very far off, that....)

And as for the charge that they didn't serve with him because they weren't on his eight-man boat, that's bogus and he knows it as well as I do. First of all, no surface vessel in the U.S. Navy ever operates alone, and apparently the swift boats often operated in groups of up to five boats!

Second, (and you'll have to trust me a bit here): note who is for him and who is against him. Those sailors who served directly under him think he's a swell guy. Of the officers who served with him, 16 of 18 don't like him, and one is dead! Now here's where you have to trust me: I spent eight years in ther Marine Corps, and until I had been a corporal for a while, I never had anything but the best opinion of any of my officers. As I grew in maturity, professionally speaking, that is, as I learned wtf was going on around me, I began to be able to discriminate between the good officers and the clueless ones. However, I was always able to see which of my peers were worthless. An officer, with his advanced training and, compared to junior enlisted, higher maturity level, is a figure to be looked up to and admired for the junior enlisted. They don't see his flaws. His peers do.


McGreevey's Resignation

Please, can someone please tell me why all the media reports say that Governor McGreevey is stepping down because he's gay? It has exactly nothing to do with being gay, and everything to do with appointing his gay lover, a foreign national, to a very high homeland security position, for which the Israeli had no experience. Except that now Golan Cipel says he isn't even gay....

All this attention to McGreevey's sexual orientation as supposed cause for his resignation is very obviously designed to make it seem as if there is a culture of homophobia in the United States, so strong that a gay governor feels himself obligated to step down.

No media bias?


Land Ownership

Check out this page for a surprisingly good treatise on property rights.


Hypocrisy Defined

"Do we operate under a system of equal justice under law, or is there one system for the average citizen and another for the high and mighty?"

- Ted Kennedy


From The Federalist:

"For all the competing poll numbers, there is one irrefutable fact which should sober up Democrats leaving Boston. Since Republicans and Democrats began facing off in 1856, there have been 26 presidential elections. With the exception of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, no Democrat has won more than 50.1% of the vote in American history. Democrats can and do win national elections, but there is scant evidence they have a natural majority in a two-person race." --John Fund


Our Health Care System explained.

From a forum I lurk on:

Our health care system is disfunctional? News to me. But let's take a stab at why it is in the shape it is.
1. Gov't regulation. Drug companies pay billions to develop new drugs, to see 1 in 10 make it through the maze of gov't regulation, expensive testing, etc. Thus, they have to pay for the failed development of the 9 through the prices of the 1 drug. That drives the price of drugs up. The cost is lower in other countries not so much through subsidization, but because the testing regimine is lower.

2. A litigious society. Being a lawyer and family member to several medicos, I can speak to this one. Docs get sued for everything, including treatment that fits the appropriate standard of care and beyond. All it takes is an unhappy patient unsatisfied with the result, a lawyer looking to make a quick buck, and a doc who prostitutes him/herself to said lawyer for an equally quick buck. Doc says the result was unexpected (gee, there's a reason they call if the practice of medicine, things go sideways all too often), the complaint is filed, and the insurance companies pays the patient (re: lawyer who explains to his client that the case can't be won against the resources of the insurance co.) and the companies jack their rates up. We've got a lawyer who does precisely this here in K-town.

3. Gov't subsidization. This takes two avenues. In the US, it's the tendency of some (many) on medicaid to use the ER as the family practicioner. Lil' Billy's got a cold? Go to the ER and get a prescription. After all, they don't have to pay for it. The level of fraud inherent in the subsidization is also staggering. In Tennessee, thousands who don't live here were on the Tenncare rolls. In other countries, the actual price of health care can only be determined when you add in the massive taxes that pay for it. That drives the effective premium higher for those who actually pay the taxes.

4. Basic unwillingness to pay. Some people do the same as 3 even without medicaid. After all, ERs are prohibited from denying people emergency medical care even if they know they won't get paid.

5. The inherent problems of big business. Remember folks that health care is a business. While doctors may care about their patients, they still have to pay off massive debt incurred due to the way we train our doctors. The only way to change that is to put the gov't in charge of it. But, I don't see anything in the Constitution granting the gov't that power. And being a gov't employee myself, I can assure you: you do not want the gov't having that power. If you think things are bad right now, wait until you add another few layers of bureaucracy to the thing.

Open letter to Senator Kerry

Please, Mr. Kerry, would you stop talking about giving people things?

You see, Mr. Kerry, I work for everything I have, so I know that whatever you give, I probably won't get any of it.

I also know the socialists' (that's you, Mr. Kerry) biggest secret: There is no such thing as government money. I know that when you talk about giving people things, you forget to mention that I'll be paying for it.

So you'll understand, Mr. Kerry, why when you talk about the government providing health care or education for all Americans I put one hand on my wallet and the other on the butt of my Colt .45 ....

To the Apologists

For quite a while now, the terrorists in Iraq have been killing more Iraqis than Americans. How you idiots can still claim that they're "just fighting for their country" is beyond me.

Now there has even been a series of bombings of Christian churches in Iraq. How you idiots can continue to claim that it's not about religion boggles the mind.

For those of you who refuse to recognize that the UN is utterly worthless:

So, several weeks into the massacre going on in Sudan, the UN yesterday passed a resolution calling for the Sudanese government to put an end to the killings in 30 days or face...ummm...well, not sanctions, exactly, since they couldn't even pass the resolution with that word in it. Basically, it went something like this: "You have a month to stop the killing or we'll discuss doing something about it, but not sanctions."